Mental hygiene

19.07.2020 | 17:43

We tend to follow the hygiene of our body, to take care of it, but we always forget that the “purity” of our thoughts, the hygiene of our thoughts is one of the most important conditions for achieving peace and harmony. Thoughts determine the course of our lives. Therefore, the better we can control our thoughts, the more complete we will be in every situation, even in a global pandemic.
If you are interested in what mental hygiene is, how to be in harmony while maintaining mental health, watch the video on Wednesday, July 22, at 20:00 Yerevan time, in which clinical psychologist Anahit Haykazuni will talk about how to follow all the rules of mental hygiene. The video will be available on the Facebook and Youtube pages of “Veles” NGO.
And if you have any questions on the topic, you can address them to Anahit Haykazuni by calling +37496364990