”Veles” Human Rights NGO was officially registered in February 2014. Before that the founders and the members of the organization were engaged in human rights protection as an unregistered legal association – an initiative group. President and the founder of the organization is Marina Poghosyan.
             Main aims of the organization are to protect human rights in the Republic of Armenia, contribute to the creation of democratic processes and the rule of law, strengthen public awareness, to support individuals affected by the arbitrariness of the law. The organization, in particular is fighting against corruption, shadow economy, fraud and usury, supporting the victims of crime in the judicial system, providing them with free legal advice, as well as represent their interests in court and other authorities.
          Veles NGO is committed to providing support to the victims of corruption, maladministration and fraud, to raising their legitimate complaints to law enforcement agencies, as well as to vocalizing their causes in high courts and mass media. The organization currently has more than 100 cases of affected citizens in its database, and promotes several lawsuits, through provision of legal and psychological support and ensuring media coverage.